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Should I Use Acoustic Panels?

Jul. 13, 2021

Hanging Felt Panels

Hanging Felt Panels

Acoustic panels, acoustic baffles, sound panels, and acoustic boards. The list of names continues. Call it whatever you prefer, just like many manufacturers do. For sake of clarity, we stick to acoustic panels in this guide. Despite the descriptive name, you will find various interpretations, both wide and narrow along with different use cases.

But first. Let's define what an acoustic panel is.

An acoustic panel is a type of sound absorbing panel used to reduce background noise and reduce reverberation and echoes in a space. When we talk about acoustic panels, we mean acoustic panels in the broadest sense, including vertical and horizontal panels.


When to use acoustic panels?

With a better understanding of what an acoustic panel is, we can now move on to the next question: When to use an acoustic panel? As mentioned earlier, vertical and horizontal panels can be characterized by different features related to their acoustic performance. However, we can specify it further.

3D Title Acoustic Wall Panel

3D Title Acoustic Wall Panel

3D title Acoustic wall Panel

3D title Acoustic wall Panel is an award-winning timeless design, inspired by alterations in atoms and molecules where incremental shifts in the bond variations create intrigue and engage our sense of exploration within our environment, the 3D design can create subtle or commanding patterns by altering the colour and orientation of the tiles to build formations that play with light and shadow. You can learn more by checking out a recent article we wrote : Why Choose 3D Title Acoustic Wall Panels?


Vertical acoustic panels

In general, vertical panels help to mitigate sound transmission in a space by preventing sound from propagating from one end of the room to the other. Vertical panels also help reduce background noise to an acceptable level. For example, in many modern open space offices, noise levels range from 60-80 dB, while the recommended level is 45-55 dB.

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Therefore, if the goal is to reduce background noise and reverberation time, possible vertical solutions include

Colorful Acoustic Felt

Colorful Acoustic Felt


Colorful Acoustic Felt

Custom-designed colorful acoustic felt is A textile from DECO SOUND Acoustic, a sophisticated and intelligent collection of acoustic panels, compared with regular panel, it is soft and colors looks more solid, a good option for wall covering and acoustic. Welcome to contact us today or request a quote.


Acoustic Desk Screen

Acoustic desk screen is Award-winning Decosound® Designs & Textiles Offering Beautiful Designs For Workstations.Folding Dividers Applied in working space made of PET Acoustic felt Panel.

Acoustic Dividers

 Acoustic Dividers

Acoustic Free standing dividers 

Space-delineation features for organising the open-plan area where acoustic or added privacy is required , we have Various of designs for divider panels,it can cutted by different patterens which used in public space,and various of applications in working space.


Acoustic Hanging Panel Decorate in Working Area:

Acoustic Hanging Panel Decorate in Working Area is designed to be compatible with 12mm and 24mm and 30mm Exposed Tee grid systems.

To completely eliminate background noise, ideally you would have to create floor-to-ceiling partitions or remove yourself from the noise source. However, vertical panels can also go a long way toward helping reduce sound transmission.

Acoustic Ceiling Baffle

 Acoustic Ceiling Baffle

Hhorizontal acoustic panels

Horizontal panels, on the other hand, are mainly used for direct absorption. In order to stop the transmission of sound waves, absorption panels must be used to convert sound energy into heat through friction. Made of sound-absorbing material or soft acoustic foam, all our horizontal panels perform well in terms of sound absorption.

Examples of possible solutions for direct absorption include a range of hanging felt panels, acoustic ceiling felt panel, acoustic ceiling baffle

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The visual appeal of acoustic panels

As we said before, acoustic panels can also improve the visual appearance of a room. They can be customized and adapted to the spirit and colors of any company. You can choose from printed, monochromatic or ombre finishes, different shapes and colors, with or without frames, or even add lighting, and then find the right place on the wall, in the ceiling or in the middle of the room.

The possibilities are endless. Are you up for the challenge?